From the very beginning as a family we have been incredibly lucky to have such wonderful support from our local community, our friends, friends of friends, the help and donations have come from far and wide.

Not only has Aimee’s love gone onto help raise well over £100,000 and change the way in which children like her cared for, her spirit has gone on to forge great friendships and togetherness, providing many people with special memories.

The funds have been raised in so many ways, too numerous to mention – many people have been involved in the fancy dress parties which have gone on over the years with some incredible results.  Here are just a few photos of the great memories we have.

Allo Allo Party

Our guests dressed as characters from the Allo Allo TV series and were transported to the venue in a convoy of 30 army vehicles, including a tank and troop carriers.  The parade was so large that it needed a police escort and hundreds of people turned out along the route to wave!   

Fund raising Allo Allo event for the Aimee Drew Trust
Allo Allo fundraiser for Aimee Drew Trust
Fundraiser for the Aimee Drew Trust

Arabian Night (A Night Of A Thousand Humps)

A gigantic marquee was converted into an authentic Bedouin tent.  Real camels, an oasis in the tent and 30 tonnes of sand on the floor all helped to create an authentic desert experience!  300 people attended and more than £11,000 was raised.

Fundraising event for the Aimee Drew Trust
Fundraising events for the Aimee Drew Trust
Fund raising attendees Aimee Drew Trust event

Pirates of Pott Shrigley

The marquee was decked out as a pirate ship, with guests entering via a bamboo gangway and greeted by a performance from the band of the Royal Marines.  More than 400 people attended and raised a staggering £33,000.

Pirates of Pott Shrigley fundraiser for Aimee Drew Trust
Pirates of Pott Shrigley fund raising for Aimee Drew Trust
Fundraiser for Aimee Drew Trust

If you want to get involved please let us know - we’d love to hear from you.